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(Cathy) – the captain
(Sean) – the engineer
(Mark) – crew
(Malu) – passenger, gambler
(Hoku) – passenger, exobiologist
(Karen) – passenger, runaway princess

Jackson- ?


Based on Spelljammer, but with significant differences

Spelljamming Basics

Spacefaring Species & Cultures

*Elves – rulers of the Elven Imperium
*Humans – common species, found everywhere. Important players in the Pax Victoria, Shou Lung and the Hundred Worlds
*Neogi – feared slavers and slave traders best known for their Umber Hulk bodyguards
*Goblins – fast-reproducing soldiers of the Goblin Hordes
*Beholders – heavily involved in organized crime
*Mind Flayers – disturbing creatures, with a surprisingly neutral reputation as traders

*Giff – militaristic hippo-like humanoids. Allied with humans in the Pax Victoria
*Gnomes – Talented but unreliable magicians and arcanists. Allied with humans in the Pax Victoria
*Dwarves – Nomadic asteroid miners. Usually gather into trade guilds, like the Belters Consortium
*Halflings – Small creatures, a crossbreed of standard humans and fairy species. Some are nomadic wanderers, others gather into small and hidden communities

*Troll – Actually, there are multiple species commonly referred to as trolls in their home region. To be more accurate, these unrelated species are the rock-based Monoliths, the green regenerating Hag-Trolls, the large, armored Horned Ogres and the Zodiac Trolls with their multicolored horns.

*Spirit-bound Constructs
*Kobolds and Gnolls
*Minotaurs and Satyrs
*Cyclops and Ogres
*Hill Giants and Front Giants

Many other Spacefaring species have been seen.

Magic & Artificing



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